Over 20 years’ criminal investigative experience in Armed Robbery Division of Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department.  Youngest Detective ever recruited by Criminal Investigative Unit. 

Repeatedly interviewed by multiple media outlets (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV) for solving major cases and maintaining outstanding arrests-to-convictions ratio.  (Documented proof available.)

Expert interviewer, interrogator, investigator and courtroom testifier.  Quick to build rapport and trust.   Highly skilled in obtaining admissible confessions, fostering teamwork with people from all walks of life, and building a reliable network of contacts & informants.

Background includes serving as Director of Security for major events and handling multiple security escorts / personal body guard duties for celebrities, government officials, and corporate executives.  Strong leadership in bringing order to chaos in emergency situations and calming traumatized or angry individuals.  Excellent physical condition.

Recipient of numerous military awards and commendations from Army National Guard for job performance as an AWOL Recovery Agent and Cannon Crew Chief.

Law Enforcement Experience

Sr. Criminal Investigator / Sergeant Supervisor     Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office         1993 to 2010

  • Supervised 3 other Armed Robbery Detectives and managed a high caseload with limited manpower.
  • Scope of investigations included all types of armed robberies as well as rape, homicide, car-jacking, internal theft, fraud & embezzlement.  Planned & directed execution of all high-risk search warrants.
  • Reviewed reported / attempted crimes; responded to scenes; conducted victim & witness interviews and interrogations; canvassed area for additional witnesses and evidence; wrote reports and studied crime patterns.  Used ARMMS system to document case development.
  • As Director of Security, planned and coordinated details for all major security events for tens of thousands of people; managed scheduling, payroll and administrative paperwork for 300+ policemen.
  • Worked cohesively w/ FBI, multiple agencies & jurisdictions to share investigative information. 
  • Expertly interrogated suspects and witnesses to get every possible detail and tirelessly canvassed neighborhoods for clues and culprits.  R e s u l t s:
  • Recipient of multiple commendations from Corporate Investigators & Loss Control Managers from Taco Bell (YUM!), Burger King (Sydran Services), McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, McKenzie Pastry Shoppes,Omni Bank, etc.) for being a “good police department ambassador” and solving numerous armed robberies and internal investigations involving fraud, embezzlement and internal theft.
  • Awarded highest-rate (Class F) Letters of Recognition for noteworthy investigations & apprehensions and bold, courageous, and decisive action.
  • Set record in Jefferson Parish DA’s Office for “highest sentence (881 years) given for armed robbery”. 
  • Maintained “Most Arrests” rating in the Division.  Singled-out in numerous media reports for catching career criminals, rapists, ex-convicts, second-degree kidnappers, arsonists, armed robbers, murderers, jewel thieves, bank robbers, drug dealers, etc. (via car & foot chases and off-duty intervention).
  • Commended by Judges, DAs, Metropolitan Crime Commission and DEA for outstanding job of identifying criminals, arresting them, and helping make strong cases that resulted in convictions.
  • Presented with numerous letters of appreciation from Criminal Intercept Unit and other Police Departments for successful outcome of cases. 

Law Enforcement Trainings

  • Graduate, Jefferson Parish Police Training Academy
  • P.O.S.T. Certification & Fire Arms Qualification
  • Homeland Security WMD Awareness Training
  • Advanced Crime Scene Investigations
  • John E. Reid Advanced Interview & Interrogations
  • First Line Supervision Training
  • Interview & Interrogation w/Forensic Statement Analysis
  • Law Enforcement Officer / Flying Armed Training
  • Videotape Analysis Training
  • Recent Supreme & 5th Circuit Court Decisions Training

Emergency Management Institute, FEMA Trainings

  • Intro to Incident Command System
  • ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action Incidents
  • National Response Plan
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Military Background

    • Field Cannon Crew Chief
    • AWOL Recovery Agent
      • Recipient of Achievement Medals and Commendations for job performance and dedication.

Work Background

  • John Carroll Investigations              2010 to Present
    • Owner/Lead Investigator all Private Investigations
    • Louisiana Licensed Private Investigator
  • Executive Protection/ Sub-contractor          2010 to Present
    • Louisiana Licensed Armed Security Agent
    • Louisiana Licensed Conceal Carry Firearm Permit
    • Executive Protection assignments for Celebrities
    • Executive Protection assignments for Private Clients who received threats of physical harm.
  • Absec LLC                                   2013 to Present
    • State Certified Instructor Bar and Nightclub Security
      Train and certify all nightclub and security staff members In the entire state of Louisiana. Train Bar/Nightclub Security staff in job responsibilities of an ABO Security employee. Instruct how to handle the job in a  professional, safe and efficient manner, thereby reducing liability for themselves and  their employers while maximizing safety and security at their respective establishment.